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Applebet: an Abc, hardcover $45.00

Applebet: an Abc, paperback $30.00

Father Fox’s Christmas Rhymes, hardcover $15.00

How Brown Mouse Kept Christmas, hardcover $50.00

How Brown Mouse Kept Christmas, paperback $30.00

Father Fox’s Feast of Songs, hardcover $20.00

Father Fox’s Feast of Songs, CD $15.00

Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes, hardcover $45.00
(author and artist autographed) $50.00

Love’s A Sweet, hardcover $18.00

Mister Toad, hardcover $18.00

Valentine Foxes, paperback $40.00

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Also available:
When Is Tomorrow, by Nancy Dingman Watson, illus. Aldren A. Watson

My Works

This book qualifies as "MY WORK" only in that I helped my father Aldren bring it to completion before he died, and carried on with it after his death in the role of agent, editor, proofreader, and general jack-of-all-trades. It is my pleasure to announce that

will be published Fall 2014 by The Quantuck Lane Press,
and distributed by W.W. Norton & Company.

Forty-five watercolor paintings and five maps present an intimate view of the thriving port city of New York in the early 1900s. Detailed scenes of everyday life on and around the waterfront are rendered through the eyes of artist Aldren A. Watson, born and raised in Brooklyn. Paintings are accompanied by informative text and recollections drawn from the artist’s notebooks. Includes comprehensive index.

There will be 500 copies of Waterfront New York available at a discount if ordered in advance of the Fall 2014 publication date. To purchase books at the special discounts listed, orders must be prepaid and received before September 15th. Books will be shipped as soon as they are received from the printer. Once published, the book will be available in bookstores for $35.00 each.

Aldren died in May 2013 without the pleasure of seeing this book in print. He had looked forward to signing copies, so in the spirit of that wish, a special bookmark that includes a reproduction of his signature will accompany each book purchased with this offer.

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Father Fox’s Christmas Rhymes
“Clad in patched clothes and a Santa cap, old Father Fox looks as spry as ever, springing across the jacket of this crowd-pleasing book of Christmas verse...' The kitchen is bursting with uncles & aunts/With buttery fingers & floury pants' ...full of lively details, the ink drawings are washed with glowing watercolors, in tawny browns, muted blues and greens, and jewel-bright details in red and yellow. A Christmas treat for children who will enjoy the bustle and the quiet pleasures of this friendly fox family.”
(ALA Booklist, September 1, 2003)