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May I include your poem, "November" in a collection I am self-publishing? I would not be able to pay you, but I will include your name, copyright date and first publication source. The collection is mostly my poems, but I like this poem of yours and would like to share it with my readers.
Thank you.

Hello Clyde-
As a fellow schoolmate of yours long ago, I remembered you well from those years and as a result always felt a special happiness reading your books to my young elementary school students. Now I search them out for our grandchildren. They are delightfully timeless and are just as wonderful many years later as they were when first published.

I am hoping to find a copy of Binary Numbers. I loved that book when I was a kid.



You will need to contact the artist for permission to use the art: Wendy Watson. You can go to her webpage or email her in care of me:

How does copyright work for your illustrations? I am writing a personal essay about Catch Me & Kiss Me & Say It Again

Dear Ms. Watson-

I tried to email you via the link on the right but there's no email address attached to the link... - My wife grew up very poor in Detroit and Father Foxes Pennyrhymes is one of the books my mother in law used to read to my wife when she was a little girl-My sister in law recently sent my daughter who is about to turn one a copy- My wife is also a really tough person to buy christmas presents for and was wondering if you sold autographed copies? (or at the very least had bookplates that you sign)

I'm also an illustrator myself and this was my first introduction to the book and absolutely LOVE the drawings.


Phil Oliveira

Hello! I LOVE your poem "Winter Solstice" printed over the colorful autumn tree, and would love to buy a poster of it. Can you sell me one? Or tell me where I can find it? Thanks SOOO much!

thank you for asking! I love the poem, thank heavens, since it's attributed to me. I get requests to reprint it all the time, and was also unable to find the real author's name, but finally an astute reader discovered it was written by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Always nice to clear up a mystery, eh?

Is the poem "November comes and November goes" your writing? I have seen it attributed to you and to another author - I have not been able to track down a primary source. Thanks!

another response to your goldfish poem quest...I have searched high and low on the internet, as you probably have, and can't seem to find it anywhere. Have you had any luck in the meantime?

hi Sarah, and thank you for the lovely note. That story grew out of a bedtime improvisation for my two young nephews. I find telling stories to real live children the greatest inspiration. I may be able to find you a copy--email me if this is of interest, and thanks again for commenting here!

Hi Clyde,
So happy to have found your site! As a young child my mother read "Midnight Moon" to me many times and I can still recite much of it 20 years later! Today my aunt tracked it down in the only library in our province (Nova Scotia, Canada) that carries it. The story means a lot to myself and my mother and all who shared in reading it with us! It truly is a magical and special book that has influenced who I am today. I hope to someday find a copy and share it with my future children.
Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
Sarah Kikuchi

Hey Noni,
thank you for your question--that sounds like a neat poem...but I didn't write one that is similar, even. I googled around quite a bit hoping to find it for you, but no luck so far. Maybe you could write one of your own, inspired by the one you remember? That would make it extra-special. Good luck and enjoy those Grand Children!!

Hi Clyde, I am looking for a poem about a gold fish with the line, "he wants me to get in with him and swim just like an otter..." My children loved it when they were little & I would like to read it to my grandchildren. I think it is a poem you wrote, but I don't remember the name of the book. Thanks! Noni

Hi Clyde, I am desperate to find a poem about a gold fish with the line: "he wants me to get in with him & swim just like an otter. But I'm so big, if I got in, i'd splash out all the water!" Did you write that? Is it available in one of your books? When my daughter was 2 or 3 she had the whole poem memorized & loved it! But as the years have passed, we lost our book & now we want to teach the poem to my grand children. Thanks, Noni

Karen, thank you for sharing this--and for reminding me that I still have some of those Christmas cards on hand!I love how hearing about once-upon-a-time children who loved the books still remember them, and seeing the next generations enjoy them illustrates the wonderful continuum we are all a part of.
--Clyde Watson

we just got a christmas card from a friend with a picture from father fox's pennyrhymes, oh how it took me back to when our children were young and we were given our first copy. thank you for years of happy memories and happy poems we and our thoroughly grown children still recite. i had just heard your name on vpr and thought of you...thanks for years of fun,

karen jackson

Oh Natalia! thank you for such wonderful stories and appreciation! I will certainly pass on your comments to Wendy. I bet your son could enjoy the name-calling book of ours called "Quips & Quirks"--wonderful ancient and colorful names for all sorts of people. Unfortunately it's out of print and I have none to sell, but it can be found online, or perhaps your library could get it. Thank you so much for writing!
--Clyde Watson

Greetings Clyde. I'm a 45 year-old lady. I read your books when I was a little girl. I love Father Fox's Pennyrhymes. I frequently quote little rhymes that I would remember to my son - who is now just 9. We use "Oh my goodness, oh my dear, sassafras & ginger beer" in place of the dreaded OMG. It's so much more fun to say. Several years ago I stumbled across a copy of Pennyrhymes as it was (gasp) being withdrawn from my school's library. I saved it from oblivion and it is now being treated with love. Thanks for the lovely rhymes and tell Wendy we love all the tiny details in her illustrations.

- Natalia Wright

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