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Welcome to the Fox Blog!

Christmas 1971

On Christmas morning of 1971--the year Father Fox's Pennyrhymes was published--Wendy presented me with the handmade Father Fox doll shown in the previous post. She also made six more foxes, one for each of her siblings. Seen above is the tag that came with mine.


The original pants, made of worn denim, finally fell to threads & shreds, so a few years ago I made him the pair he's wearing now. The other clothing items--including the handstitched handkerchief peeking out of his pocket--were all sewn by Wendy. That Christmas he also sported a red long-john union suit layered under his shirt and pants--definitely required during our cold New England winters. He takes them off once the weather gets warmer.


Keep an eye out for the next blog post--he hopes to show off a special guest!


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