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Welcome to the Fox Blog!

The Fox Family: Another Artist's Version

Fox Family, by Megan Wysocki

In 2019 I received a lovely email from a longtime reader who told me that years before, as a graduate student at the University of Vermont, she had met Wendy during an author visit. 


"Right then, I fell in love with your books, especially Father Fox's Pennyrhymes.   I read it (and my signed Wendy's Mother Goose version) to my boys all through their childhoods.   It seems ironic, but I also framed four pages from the book and have hung them in my house since then.  And, I laminated a few pages and have had them as decorations in my classroom for many decades!  So, this year when I decided that I wanted to create some wool foxes, I KNOW that all of the sentimentality attached to my years of being such a fan, came through in every stitch.  I've attached a photo of my version of Father Fox's family for you."


Many thanks & much appreciation to Megan Wysocki, creator of the family shown above. She can be contacted via email: mwhomespun@comcast.net

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