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Welcome to the Fox Blog!


Shh...!! Surprise Party!!

For several weeks now, relatives of Father Fox have been returning to New England from all over the country. Now they're brushing their tails, waxing their whiskers, patching their clothes, and generally sprucing up for the 50th birthday of their patriarch, the venerable FATHER FOX.

YOU are hereby invited to join the festivities!

Participants will

...meet the foxes one by one

...hear selected rhymes from Father Fox's Pennyrhymes read by the author and find out the inside story on how particular people inspired those rhymes.

...take part in a Q & A for which questions can be sent in ahead OR

typed into the Q & A box during the event.

...watch with bated breath as the Foxes pull names out of a hat & announce

Prize Winners in the Birthday Raffle.


After a short (5-min) break, interested audience members are invited to return to the screen to share their own Father Fox stories & recollections.

When: Sunday September 19th @ 2:00 PM Eastern

Where: Zoom

Registration is required: If you didn't already receive a Paperless Post invitation with RSVP option, send me your email address and you will receive one shortly.

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