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Welcome to the Fox Blog!

Introducing Ma Fox

Under The Foxgloves

Father Fox & his beloved Ma Fox were spotted just now, sitting in a favorite spot to take a break from work in the garden. It's very hot out, but soon they will have picked enough arugula and other greens to go with their midday meal. After that I'm quite sure they will look for a nice shady place to cool off -- and maybe even take a brief snooze.

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Christmas 1971

On Christmas morning of 1971--the year Father Fox's Pennyrhymes was published--Wendy presented me with the handmade Father Fox doll shown in the previous post. She also made six more foxes, one for each of her siblings. Seen above is the tag that came with mine.


The original pants, made of worn denim, finally fell to threads & shreds, so a few years ago I made him the pair he's wearing now. The other clothing items--including the handstitched handkerchief peeking out of his pocket--were all sewn by Wendy. That Christmas he also sported a red long-john union suit layered under his shirt and pants--definitely required during our cold New England winters. He takes them off once the weather gets warmer.


Keep an eye out for the next blog post--he hopes to show off a special guest!


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Father Fox Turns Fifty!

Father Fox Turns Fifty!


Father Fox's Pennyrhymes was published in August of 1971, so this year the foxy fellow will celebrate his 50th birthday. He hasn't quite figured out how to do that yet, but I'm going to help him plan, and one thing is for sure: YOU are invited!

Over the years, I've gotten hundreds of letters, pictures, emails, and handmade objects from readers young and old—and for a while now I've been wanting to express to all of them—to all of you— my gratitude for such appreciation of my work. Celebrating this birthday together could be just the ticket!


Originally, I imagined an outdoor festival—with balloons, games, food, and prizes—to be held in the field below our house. However, the events of the past year have forced me to rethink this. I've concluded that with so much uncertainty in the air, it would be risky to count on an in-person gathering. Besides, doing something online would make it possible for readers across the country and over the ocean to take part.

Therefore, I'm planning a virtual event to take place later this year, with details to be announced as it takes shape. It will likely include a reading, the sharing of anecdotes, Q & A, music, and a presentation about my 50-year collaboration with illustrator-sister Wendy Watson. Check back here for further developments, and send me an email if you'd like updates on the event—please put "FF50" in the subject line of any such emails.

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